About us

We work with both landlord and tenants
to create the perfect partnership

What could be more fulfilling than working with ethical landlords and careful, qualified contractors to provide great homes for decent, respectable people?

At The Property Booth we believe that a great tenancy is built up of several elements; we work hard with our landlords to ensure their property is prepared for rental, that the right tenant is placed in it and that the ongoing care of that property is managed closely using good local contractors to ensure the tenants enjoy their home and the landlord sees a good return on their investment.

Our role is to manage expectations, communications, legalities and (sometimes!) disputes to make sure everyone is treated fairly and with respect at all times.

About Linda, Owner of The Property Booth

Following 25 years in the corporate world Linda decided to change career and retrained as a letting agent in 2015. Bringing with her a wealth of experience of negotiating between big businesses, she understands the strength of creating an agreement between parties where each is getting what they want and need from it. In the world of lettings this involves careful understanding of the people involved as well as the property and its location.

“I take my duty of care responsibilities very seriously, the challenge of balancing my role as the landlord’s agent with my responsibilities to ensure all tenants are treated fairly is what makes this job so rewarding for me. My personal goal with each tenancy that I create is to drive away after I hand over the keys thinking to myself ‘Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together!’”